Naturopathy Treatments

Our body is made up of five great element-earth, water, fire, air & ether . Perfect balance of these elements keeps the body in good order. For healthy living our daily activities and dietetic program should be such that balance of these elements continues to be restored

Naturopothy has evolved out of forest research laboratories of the Rishis and the ancient healing traditions. It has a preventative approach to health care. World over, it is now recognized as a valuable and effective treatment for a variety of chronic disorders.

Naturopathy comes under Alternative therapy. Alternative therapist / Naturopathic practitioners are split into two groups, traditional naturopaths and naturopathic physicians also known as alternative therapist. Naturopathic physicians / Alternative Therapist employ the principles of naturopathy within the context of conventional medical practices. Other alternative therapies are-acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, panchkarma, magneto therapy, water therapy (hydrotherapy), mud therapy. Adopt Naturopathy and yoga with the guidance of Alternative therapist for better treatments.

Naturapathic /Naturopathic Medicine is defined as it is a "Treatment without side effects".







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